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Each shade is carved from a single piece of wood, the warmth and character of the grain is expressed beautifully from every angle. The skill needed to create each piece takes many years of dedicated practice, care and patience. 

The craftsmen who we commission to create these beautiful shades carefully select gorgeous pieces of wood before turning them into their final form. Each piece of wood is different, that's the beauty of the material. The result is a product which never looks exactly like the one before it. 
All of our products are designed and handmade in the UK.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
The wonderful effect of natural wood, especially when the piece has been created from a single piece, is that the colour changes depending on the light in the room.
Warm light brings out the rich woody tones of the grain whereas bright and clear sunlight highlights the pure and natural sheen of the wood, making it appear almost creamy white. 

All products are CE certified.


Inspired by temples and shrines in Japan, these beaded pendants are a unique statement within any room.
Like the shades we make, these beads are handmade by turning wood, this time in English Oak.
The smaller the details, the more concentration is needed and a steadier, more experienced hand is required. 
We trust our fantastic craftsmen to handle this delicate work as they have done it for decades.


Our first collection of shades are perfect for cosy spaces.

Due to their charming size, these fittings are most at home in cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels where several fittings are used within the same area to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.




At a diameter of 30cm and depth of 10cm, the shades in our second collection fit within larger spaces and house larger E27 Edison bulbs


All shades come complete with a pendant set featuring antiqued brass fittings, bringing together the two contrasting feels, an industrial style with a natural finish.

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